July 24, 2016

petronas towers

I may or may have not posted these photos already, I don't know. I am obviously traversing my blogging journey this year slow, almost dragging. My update frequency has gone down to 2 per month, heh.

I am not going to lie, I have been contemplating if I should still maintain this kind of blog. The photography part is safe, that I can tell you. Film and cameras still excite me in a progressive pace. Matter of fact, I am saving up for my first medium format camera. You can never be complacent with film photography, I guess. There's always something interesting, and different. Always something new to learn.

Just this blogging thing.. I'm in this state where I question the purpose of it all. Why am I doing it? Sometimes I want to keep it like back in the days. Treat it like an online diary, and talk about things that I usually fangirl about. Other times, I want it to be a simple photo blog. Sometimes, I think I can pull it off like a dump blog, where I can just talk about anything and treat it like the void. And when I couldn't decide, in the end, I just stay away from it altogether.

Also not sure If I'm going to renew my domain for another year. Again, I've started to question, what's the point?

And then like a broken record, my eternal battle with writing, and sharing. Insecurity in this department is strong. It's been such a struggle, almost a suffering. Quite ironic, because I had the energy to blab about all this now.


ANYWAY, here are some photos of the Petronas Towers from last year. I love standing in front of them, and be engulfed by the size and majesty. Still not immune with its presence even for a second visit. As if they a have life of their own.

May 22, 2016

along the malacca river pt. i

Here comes my favorite part of my Malacca trip :)

A friendly stranger :)

Their chicken curry is the best!

Establishments beside the Malacca River are so pretty at night.

A 10-second long exposure :)